Angela M. Zoss, Curriculum Vitae

(PDF version)


Doctor of Philosophy, Information Science (Aug. 2008 to May 2018)

Indiana University
School of Informatics and Computing
Department of Information and Library Science (minor in Informatics)

Thesis: Network Visualization Literacy: Task, Context, and Layout
Research Committee: Dr. Katy Börner, Dr. Hamid Ekbia, Dr. Staša Milojević, Dr. Johan Bollen

Master of Science, Communication (Aug. 2004 to May 2008)

Cornell University
Department of Communication
Member of Human-Computer Interaction Lab, Culturally Embedded Computing Group

Thesis: From measure to leisure: Extending theory on technology in the workplace
Research Committee: Dr. Geri Gay, Dr. Tarleton Gillespie, Dr. Phoebe Sengers

Bachelor of Arts, Cognitive Science and Communication & Culture (Aug. 2000 to May 2003)

Indiana University
Member: Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Kappa Psi

Senior Honor’s Thesis: Cognitive Film Theory and the Independent Film of the Turn of the 21st Century



Assessment & Data Visualization Analyst (May 2018 to present)
Duke University Libraries
Assessment & User Experience

Data Visualization Coordinator (June 2012 to April 2018)
Duke University Libraries
Data and Visualization Services

Assistant/Adjunct Instructor (Jan. 2010 to May 2012)
Indiana University
Department of Information and Library Science

Research Assistant (Aug. 2008 to Aug. 2011)
Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center Administrator (July 2006 to July 2008)
Cornell University Library

HCI Graduate Student Intern (June 2005 to Aug. 2005)
Sandia National Laboratories

Teaching Assistant (Aug. 2004 to May 2006)
Cornell University
Department of Communication


Teaching Experience

Department of Information and Library ScienceIndiana University

Department of CommunicationCornell University

  • COMM 345: Intro to Human-Computer Interaction (Spring 2006)
  • COMM 422: The Psychology of Television (and Beyond) (Fall 2005)
  • COMM 220: Mass Media and Society (Spring 2005)
  • COMM 201: Oral Communication (Fall 2004, Spring 2005)




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